Solo musica rap 24/7, selezionata dagli artisti e dai protagonisti della scena rap italiana.TRX Radio promuove, suona e racconta esclusivamente la musica rap, italiana ed internazionale, con playlist tematiche firmate dagli stessi artisti, in rotazione 24 ore su 24. La selezione di TRX Radio è infatti curata dagli artisti e dalle personalità che appartengono alla scena nazionale ed internazionale, con la finalità di promuovere musica rap, attuale e passata, per poter offrire e raccontare un panorama completo ed argomentato di una musica in continua evoluzione.

Servizi per startup, negozi e piccole imprese in pacchetti semplici con date di consegna certe.


Didn't you find it? Put it yourself!

Do you know a business, store, anything that could be interesting for the Hip Hop world? Add the listing and create the page. The business owner can later claim and manage it, or you can propose to do it yourself in exchange for something. If you can write and / or make videos, you can also help us with Skill to Pay the Bills, contact us writing an email  

Is this listing your stuff?

If this listing is a business that belongs to you, you can take ownership of this page and manage it independently. You can modify it, suspend it, delete it or create other ones, each for each of your listings or activities.
How to do?
1. Register and create a new account.
2. Send a message using the form at the bottom of the page with your username and page address (or more addresses if there are more than one) using an email that contains the name of your business as proof that it really belongs to you.
3. After our check, we will assign the listing to your account. On the top menu with your username you will find “My Listings” with the list of listings you can edit or delete.

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